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Personal testimony of the success of Master Li’s treatment

- Xiaoyang Zhong, Silicon Valley, California, USA, May 2009

I am Xiaoyang Zhong. I am 42 years old this year and I live in Silicon Valley, California, USA. I have been fortunate to meet Master Li in early 2007 and have been exposed to his theory and practice of cosmic active energy. I am his loyal disciple to this day. In the past two years, I have not only practiced his Gongfa, read books about his science and technology theory, but also have often received conditioning directly from Master Li. In the beginning, Master Li adjusted my system mainly for beautification and rejuvenation. After only two treatments (each treatment lasted for one hour), my face had noticeable changes. Not only did the facial skin tighten, the eyes became brighter, full of youthful vigor. Later, I continued with a few more treatments. I didn’t expect that my face shape changed. The shape of my face was restored to when I was in my twenties, and my eyes became more and more vibrant. That kind of charm is completely unlike a woman who have entered middle age. My friends all said, how come you are glowing and appear younger after a few days? At the same time, I also feel that my energy level is getting better and better. Hence I truly realized the thorough effect of Master Li’s Gongfa has on changing a person’s energy and spirit.

In early 2008, my husband and I made plans to have kids, but tried for over half a year without success. I was very anxious at the time, thinking that I must be too old, and my fertility might not have been comparable to young people. Just then, a friend suggested that I go to the infertility department of UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) medical school for a checkup. According to experts in the American medical community, the infertility department of this university’s medical school is the No. 1 infertility treatment center in the United States. Patients from all over the United States travel long distances for treatments there. Therefore, I registered at this hospital and chose an experienced specialist (Dr. Mitchell P. Rosen). When Dr. Rosen met me, he said that my age was indeed the biggest obstacle to fertility. He said that successful pregnancy actually requires the normal operation and cooperation of many physical components. Once a woman is older than the golden fertility period, that is, over 35 years old, there will be various imbalances in the reproductive system, and the possibility of conception will be several hundred times lower each year. Especially for women over 40, the chance of conception is significantly reduced. After hearing this from the doctor, my heart dropped and thought it seemed hopeless. When Dr. Rosen saw my desperation, he said, “Come here, I will give you a comprehensive gynecological examination to see where the problem lies, so we can treat it accordingly. If it does not work, we can also do artificial in vitro fertilization, but we cannot guarantee the success rate of in vitro fertilization … “.

Over the following month, the doctor performed a number of gynecological examinations, and finally found that the reason for my infertility was that my mature eggs each month were much less than normal. Generally, a healthy woman of the same age can produce 7 to 10 mature eggs per month. From 7 to 10 mature eggs, the most robust egg will enter the fallopian tube from the ovary to prepare for pregnancy. Yet I only have one or two mature eggs each month. Among these one or two mature eggs, it is almost impossible to have a robust egg, so the chance of conception is greatly reduced, or even impossible. Dr. Rosen said that this usually happens to women over 50 years old, but because I was under a lot of pressure from work for many years and my body has been in a state of constant tension, the aging of my reproductive system has accelerated as a result. This is beyond my expectation. After seeing the test results, the doctor said that they could give me a trial of ovulation medicine and injections to promote ovulation, but they could not guarantee success, especially whether the eggs would be healthy in the future.

When I got home, I was very upset. I suddenly thought of the science and technology theory and practices of Master Li ’s cosmic active energy. Since Master Li ’s energy can make my face younger by a dozen years, then it can definitely change the physical state and physiological functions of my middle-aged body, especially to rejuvenate my fertility function. This way, should it fundamentally solve the problem of infertility? So I communicated with Master Li about my consult at the hospital, and also voiced my thoughts on infertility adjustment. The master simply and calmly told me we could try it. As a result, I began to receive special conditioning from him in July 2008, and only a few courses of treatment, which took over a month. In early September 2008, I was pleasantly surprised that I was pregnant. It is worth mentioning that after the last visit to the doctor and the last gynecological examination, I did not return to the hospital, nor did I receive any treatment proposed by the doctor, including taking medicine and injections. It was only through the energy adjustment of Master Li that my wish came true in a short period of time, and my body function actually returned to my twenties . This was an incredible miracle for me and my husband. Master Li’s active energy adjustment is actually beyond the imagination of modern medical science. It can completely change the function of the human body at the cellular-level, improve physiological activity, stimulate youthful energy, and even rejuvenate all levels of the human body. This is a rare and valuable asset in science development of human history. Only after experiencing the energy of Master Li in person can one feel its supernatural vitality and influence!

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