1992 to present

Achievement Details

An empirical report of rejuvenation achieved with our future frontier technologies – cross-domain comprehensive use of active nano, active quantum, biocomputer, and other fields.

“Pioneer in Emerging Astronomical Life Science” —— Master Li’s rejuvenation energy adjustment was featured on many well-known TV stations in Japan and famous magazines in the United States and Japan.

In September 1992, Master Li was interviewed jointly by TOKYO TV station and the famous Japanese magazine “Life and Housewives” and heralded as “Emerging Astronomical Life Science Pioneer”. He conducted a rejuvenation session on a model in her 40s.  Using a photo of the model when she was 26 as a reference, Master Li conducted a quantum-level adjustment of the active energy system. In order to see the beautification effect in the one-hour TV show, initially he only made the adjustment on half of her face. After 45 minutes, the two sides showed obvious effects in contrast: the texture of the skin, transparency, wrinkles, etc… were significantly improved; the loose facial muscles were obviously tightened and elastic, the face shape has changed significantly; especially the eyes are obviously clear. The contrast was sharp; they are bright and full of life, and  the person is more radiant and vivacious. You can see that the face is very close to the photo at the age of 26. (The first three photos were published in the magazine. The following Tencent video link is the Japanese TV program for everyone to watch as a reference: )

pic1:September 1992 “Life and Housewives” magazine cover

pic2:Before rejuvenation energy adjustment

pic3:About 45 minutes after the energy adjustment

pic4:Photo of the model when she was 26 years old

After the program aired, a middle-aged woman (about 55 years old) called Akita seeked out Master Li for rejuvenation treatments. After three months (a total of twenty-six hours) of human active energy adjustment, she looked like a person in her thirties. Even more “curious” is the face of an Oriental Japanese who actually looks like a face of a mixed race of East and West. In fact, the underlying principle of this change is: the subtle adjustment of the base energy (such as at the micro-nano or quantum level, or even the ultra-micro level), has improved her deep level genetic system and activated her genes dormant for at least three generations. The activated genes started to affect changes in the body. From the “scientific theory of variability of human active biological energy” created by Master Li, this is completely normal, and it is indeed feasible and a great achievement for human beings. However, someone like her, who has not had such a “magical” experience thinks it is incredible. She showed the comparative photos before and after her adjustment to the Master Li and said “I not only look so much younger, but also feel much younger in my body. My body is lighter, full of energy and vitality. I am willing to share these convincing photos with others, let more people understand what Master Li is doing, and let more people get this unimaginable high level of enjoyment. “

pic1: Ms. Akita before rejuvenation energy adjustment

pic2: Ms. Akita after rejuvenation energy adjustment

In a 1993 Japanese Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) featured interview, an 80-year-old lady, (a highest honorary consultant of the Japan Women’s Invention Institute, who is still running a business) looked in her 60s after about 20 hours of rejuvenation energy adjustment treatment. As she mentioned on TV: a friend said that her face had been ironed with a bio-iron, her wrinkles were almost gone, and her face was tightened.

pic1: Before rejuvenation energy adjustment

pic2: After rejuvenation energy adjustment

1993 Japan Weekly Women’s Magazine, asked the Master Li to make the rejuvenation energy adjustment for a middle-aged lady who did not have many wrinkles. To compare the effects, at first, only the left half of the face was treated. After about 40 minutes, everyone in the audience could see that the skin on the left side of the face had become smooth and firm, wrinkles and bags under the eyes became lighter, even dark spots and acne were significantly reduced, and the contours of the face on both sides are significantly different.

pic1: April 1993 Japan Weekly Women’s Magazine cover

pic2: April 1993 Japan Weekly Women’s Magazine feature article

A 2005 feature article in the American Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine reported that Master Li at the 7th World Qigong Conference held in San Francisco performed a half-face rejuvenation active energy system adjustment for a middle-aged woman. After just forty-five minutes, everyone present could see that the skin on the half of her face that had been treated with active nano, quantum-level energy adjustment, has noticeably tightened, and wrinkles have also been significantly reduced. It looked much younger than the other half.

pc1: December 2005 American Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine cover

pc2: December 2005 American Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine feature article


Clinical example of rejuvenation in the United States 1 :

My name is Joan and I am a student of Master Li Jixing. My family was fortunate to meet Master Li in the United States. My sister Gigi and I had better luck to follow the master to study active energy exercises. In just a few years, we have witnessed countless miracles created by the Master, and our own lives has many unexpected gains .


The first lucky one in our family to be associated with the Master was my sister Gigi. She was the president of the Kung Fu Qigong Magazine. “Kung Fu Qigong Magazine” is the largest professional magazine in US that introduces Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi, Qigong and other Chinese cultural treasures to the Western world in English. In 2004, she met Master Li for the first time at an International Qigong Conference in California. At the conference, Master Li made a “nano, quantum-level active energy technology improvement” for the half face of a Caucasian lady in her 50s. In a short time, the wrinkles and firmness of the skin on both sides of the face showed obvious differences. It would be hard to believe that such a wonderful and profound rejuvenation if it was not seen with your own eyes. The next day she cleared her day and paid a special visit to Master Li, and published an introductory feature article in the magazine. That live demonstration attracted the attention of pioneering American scientists and bioenergy researchers. They proposed a number of collaborative projects. Later, at the invitation of academic and research institutions such as Penn State University, Duke University, State University of New York, University of Arizona, they collaborated with renowned scientists such as Dr. Rustum Roy and Dr. Frances Brisbane to explore the effects of human body energy and energy regulation. In 2006 and 2007, they successfully collaborated with Penn State University Hospital in the United States, and completed two experiments of transmitting energy across the United States over a long distance (about 4,200 kilometers) to change the internal structure of bone cells and leukemia cells. Experiments have proved that Master Li’s latest technology can not only transform the nature of cells, weaken the vitality of cancer cells, completely eliminate cancer cells, but also have an amazing impact on the inanimate and inorganic experiment’s incubator, and have achieved significant results.


My family also had some personal experience. In 2006, when my then 85-year-old mother slipped and fell in the supermarket, she slammed the back of her head on the ground, and even the shopping cart fell on her. The people around her were frightened. After she got up, she was conscious, and she didn’t have signs of fracture, so she insisted not to go to the hospital. My mother said, “Even a healthy person will get sick after going in and out of the emergency room a few times. It ’s better to consult Master Li!” We asked Master Li to make concentrated energy adjustment three times in two days. A bruised swelling with a diameter of six centimeters on the back of her head disappeared, and the original soreness all over her body was gone. We all think it’s incredible because even young people fall like this, and they wouldn’t be better after ten, fifteen days. Not to mention it was our elderly mother who was not in her best of health at the time. Later, I asked the master to regularly adjust and improve the active energy system for my mother, about two hours a week. After a period of time, not only did the original symptoms of endocrine disorders heal, but also the peculiar thing was that her body function was younger, and she looked younger than her 70-year-old picture. She even got more creative in thinking, she not only likes to cook for her children and grandchildren, but also innovates dishes and snacks. The clothes she made herself, the silk cheongsam, and craft innovations, are well liked by everyone. Her thinking is clear, and her memory is better than us children.


My niece had labor pains in the 26th week of her pregnancy. Normal pregnancy is forty weeks, and less than 1% of babies in the United States were born before 28 weeks. In recent years, although premature babies survival rates have improved, but 25% of premature babies born before 28 weeks have severe physical or mental impairments, and 50% have learning or behavioral disabilities when they are older. For the premature babies of 26 weeks, the defect rate and mortality are much higher. After I learned this, I initially wanted to ask the master to prevent her premature birth, but after the master sensed it, he felt that we should let nature take its course. Therefore, he made energy adjustments for the baby for about twenty hours before and after premature delivery, instead of stopping the labor. Now the baby is a five-year-old girl. She is healthy, very smart and lively, and loves music and dance. Her character is especially great. Nobody could see that she was once a premature baby with her life in danger.


Because of our work, my sister and I have contact with many well-known qigong masters from all over the world. Among the many qigong masters who claim to have superpowers, not only are they a mixed bag, but also the abilities of many masters is very different from what they have claimed. The technology demonstrated by Master Li combines the essence of new and old science to create  a new human biological science. Master Li used cutting-edge biotechnology, such as active quantum technology and active nanotechnology, to not only be able to prevent diseases and strengthen his body and further achieve rejuvenation, more importantly, to achieve the amazing result of “human body optimization”. This is also a new science of the human body, nature, and the universe, as well as an emerging science of human biological system engineering. This cutting-edge biological science and technology is completely different in theory and basic methods from traditional qigong. In addition, in many parts of the world, although many psychologists and theologians have proposed that the use of energy such as consciousness and superconsciousness can help people achieve things, but there is no set of technologies infused with the highly intelligent active energy of nature to improve the “human active biological computer system”. Without the understanding of the fact that cultivation should be unified with practice, how can we get the favor of heaven and everything as one wishes? Since studying with Master. Li, we have seen many welcoming unintended experiences. For example, it rained before and after our practice. The weather was good only where and when we practiced. Master Li also applied for a U.S.permanent residency because he needed a more convenient U.S. visa to collaborate with scientists for experiments. We all know that the United States has been particularly strict in reviewing applications for residence since 9/11, so it takes a long time to complete the process. However, his application was uncommonly fast and even the immigration lawyers were surprised.


The examples presented above are just some of my personal experiences. As I said before, there are other students with their own unique experiences. The reason why I put forward this is to hope that today, when the global atmospheric environment is rapidly deteriorating, more people can understand the whole set of scientific theories of Master Li, and understand the close inherent relationship between the human body and advanced active energy systems such as nature. It is very important to understand that engaging in environmental protection is not only saving nature, but also saving ourselves.

pic1: Photo of mother when she was 70

pic2: Photo when she was 90

pic3: In her 90s, mother still cooked 4 or 5 dishes a meal, with soup, dessert, etc. She was creative in her dishes, and paid attention to color contrast.

She tailored her own cheongsam and jacket. She even made the buckle herself. Color was balanced and  the piping was detailed.

California, US 2010


Joan’s additional experience

My mother has been regularly accepting Master Li’s energy adjustments since 2006. Both her physical and mental abilities are not like others in their 90s, especially her mind is clear and she has better memory than young people. The clothes that she made herself, the silk cheongsam, and hand-crafts are innovative, and the girls’ handbags made by her were loved by young people. Her hearing and eyesight are not only not inferior to us children, but where often better. Her mind is clear and often quite eloquent, which is amazing. Every time Master Li comes, she always makes four or five dishes and one soup to host him. Master Li’s energy adjustment is not a treatment, but an improvement of the human active energy system. This improvement can, like “nanotechnology”, improve the microstructure of objects and optimize their characteristics. In this sense, it can be called “active (biological) nanotechnology”. The application of this “active (biological) nanotechnology” in the human body can also optimize the human body, especially the human brain, the best proof can be seen by examining my mother.


We know that when people reach their thirties, their creativity declines. In the Silicon Valley’s high-tech industry, many software engineers consider changing jobs in their thirties. However, we can see extraordinary creativity in an old lady in her nineties. If this emerging technology is applied to ordinary people, young people and scientific researchers, it can generate a lot of talents in science and technology, like the scientific giants like Edison, Einstein, and the custodians of society with high intelligence. The super-high-speed progress in scientific and technological productivity will not only bring great material wealth to mankind, but also bring forth the spiritual civilization (because the optimized human body is optimized and highly improved capabilities are the basis of spiritual civilization).  The custodians of society with high intelligence can scientifically and logically navigate our society onto the track of scientific cultural evolution.


It is also worth mentioning that, in May 2014, my mother was hospitalized for gallstones and was able to get out of bed the next day. We thought that she could be discharged soon. We did not expect that due to the hospital’s negligence, she was infected with the most troublesome C-Diff virus for the elderly in the hospital. The severe diarrhea for many days made her extremely weak and she caught pneumonia many times and suffered a stroke. In the end the medical professionals were out of ideas. We could only ask Master Li, who was far away in China, to return to the United States to help. Finally, under the nano- and quantum-level conditioning of Master Li’s active energy system, not only was she out of woods and recovered, but at the same time when she was recovering, her non-stop creativity went up to a new level. She created wonderful pieces in different fields such as the culinary arts and painting. Everyone who had seen it was amazed, they could not stop praising it and acknowledged we have been left in the dust by her work. We look at the most famous artists in the world. Most of their creativity peaks in their prime. In their seventies, it is difficult to be creative. Yet my mother was in her nineties and was seriously ill, her new inspirations and non-stop innovations only came then. This represented the inconceivable effect Master Li’s emerging technology has on brain development, as well as nano- and quantum-level technological transformation.


Mother’s creativity has evolved from 2D to 3D! The following are pen holders she made out of waste and her creativity. She recycled various boxes and made them into practical and beautiful pen holders, each of them unique with its own characteristics, style, and color. She also decorate some cardboard boxes into beautiful storage boxes. She also made beautiful collages from various materials. She utilized a variety of craft methods, hand-craftsmanship, etc. and integrated with design and applied them into her artistic creation to create the multimedia three-dimensional works. Everyone is fighting  to collect her creations! (My mother’s handcrafts is very delicate, but due to the limitations of lighting and printer colors, the actual pieces are much more exciting than in the photos).

pc1-5: The pen holders my mother made at home after recovery

pc6-8: The storage boxes

pc9-10: Collages

pc11: 3D paintings

Clinical example of rejuvenation in the United States 2 :

Ms. Lu, 44 years old, accepted Master Li’s two-hour rejuvenation active energy adjustment at the quantum-level. The fine lines around her eyes were almost completely invisible!

pic1: Before rejuvenation energy adjustment

pic2: After rejuvenation energy adjustment

Clinical example of rejuvenation in the United States 3:

Ms. Zhong’s Testimony, Silicon Valley, California, USA, May 2009

I am 41 years old and I live in Silicon Valley, California. I have been fortunate to meet Master Li in early 2007 and have been exposed to his theory and practice of cosmic active energy. In the past two years, I have not only studied the emerging technology practice of repairing and improving human system, read books about his science and technology theory, but also have often received conditioning directly from Master Li. In the beginning, Master Li adjusted my system mainly for beautification and rejuvenation. After only two treatments (each treatment lasted for one hour), my face had noticeable changes. Not only did the facial skin tighten, the eyes became brighter, full of youthful vigor. Later, I continued with a few more treatments. I didn’t expect that my face shape changed. The shape of my face was restored to when I was in my twenties, and my eyes became more and more vibrant. That kind of charm is completely unlike a woman who have entered middle age. My friends all said, how come you are glowing and appear younger after a few days? At the same time, I also feel that my energy level is getting better and better. Hence I truly realized the thorough effect of Master Li’s emerging technology has on changing a person’s energy and spirit. . . (The picture on the left is before Master Li’s energy conditioning, and the right is two months after about 9 hours of conditioning).

In early 2008, my husband and I decided to have kids, but tried for over half a year without success. I was very anxious at the time, thinking that I must be too old, and my fertility might not have been comparable to young people. At that time, a friend suggested that I go to the infertility department of UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) medical school for a consult. According to experts in the American medical community, the infertility department of this university’s medical school is the No. 1 infertility treatment center in the United States. Patients from all over the United States travel long distances for treatments there. Therefore, I registered at this hospital and chose an experienced specialist (Dr. Mitchell P. Rosen). When Dr. Rosen met me, he said that my age was indeed the biggest obstacle to fertility. He said that successful pregnancy actually requires the normal operation and cooperation of many physical components. Once a woman is older than the golden fertility period, that is, over 35 years old, there will be various imbalances in the reproductive system, and the possibility of conception will be several hundred times lower each year. Especially for women over 40, the chance of conception is significantly reduced. After hearing this from the doctor, my heart dropped and thought it seemed hopeless. When Dr. Rosen saw my desperation, he said, “Come here, I will give you a comprehensive gynecological examination to see where the problem lies, so we can treat it accordingly. If it does not work, we can also do artificial in vitro fertilization, but we cannot guarantee the success rate of in vitro fertilization … “.


Over the following month, the doctor performed a number of gynecological examinations, and finally found that the reason for my infertility was that my mature eggs each month were much less than normal. Generally, a healthy woman of the same age can produce 7 to 10 mature eggs per month. From 7 to 10 mature eggs, the most robust egg will enter the fallopian tube from the ovary to prepare for pregnancy. Yet I only have one or two mature eggs. Among these two mature eggs, it is almost impossible to have a robust egg, so the chance of conception is greatly reduced, or even impossible. Dr. Rosen said that this usually happens to women over 50 years old, but because I was under a lot of pressure from work for many years and my body has been in a state of constant tension, the aging of my reproductive system has accelerated as a result. This is beyond my expectation. After seeing the test results, the doctor said that they could give me a trial of ovulation medicine and injections to promote ovulation, but they could not guarantee success, especially whether the eggs would be healthy in the future.


When I got home, I was very upset. But because I majored in biology, I suddenly thought of the science and technology theory and practices of Master Li ’s cosmic active energy. Since Master Li ’s energy can make my face younger by a dozen years, then it can definitely change the physical state and physiological functions of my middle-aged body, especially to rejuvenate my fertility function. This way, should it fundamentally solve the problem of infertility? So I communicated with Master Li about my consult at the hospital, and also voiced my thoughts on infertility adjustment. The master simply and calmly told me we could try it. As a result, I began to receive special conditioning from him in July 2008, and only a few courses of treatment, which took over a month. In early September 2008, I was pleasantly surprised that I was pregnant. It is worth mentioning that after the last visit to the doctor and the last gynecological examination, I did not return to the hospital, nor did I receive any treatment proposed by the doctor, including taking medicine and injections. It was only through the energy adjustment of Master Li that my wish came true in a short period of time, and my body function actually returned to my twenties . This was an incredible miracle for me and my husband. (Note: There is a famous actress in Hong Kong, who was about the same age as Ms. Zhong, and hoped to conceive at about the same time as Ms. Zhong. She visited famous doctors and masters in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. It is said that she later came to the United States, but had no success. This regret shows that modern infertility is a new big problem in medicine.). Master Li’s active energy adjustment is actually beyond the imagination of modern medical science. It can completely change the function of the human body at the cellular-level, improve physiological activity, stimulate youthful energy, and even rejuvenate all levels of the human body. This is a rare and valuable asset in science development of human history. Only after experiencing the energy of Master Li in person can one feel its supernatural vitality and influence!



Hello Master Li!

I gave birth to Wolfgang (Chinese name Zhuangzhuang) at 2:33 pm on June 19, 2009. He was born exactly five days after the due date. At birth, he weighed 10 pounds and 8 ounces, which was equivalent to 4.8 kilograms. He was 56 cm tall and was the heaviest newborn in the hospital at that time. (The first born of a forty-year-old mother to be delivered naturally with such size,  presumably the result of Master Li’s nano- and quantum-level active energy). Zhuangzhuang is very healthy, quite cute and has a good personality, and he hardly cries . He didn’t cry when he received vaccination shots when he was one month old. The doctors were surprised and said that they had never seen a newborn who didn’t cry with shots. In addition, he develops faster than average newborns, and he demonstrates a high level of sensitivity, as if he is all eyes and ears.


Also, please see the attachment, which was taken when  he was 36 days old.  I want to express my most heartfelt thanks to the master! Without the master’s care and love and the most amazing technology, I would not have had such a perfect son.

pic1: 36 days old

pic2: 6 months old


Hello Master Li!

I went to the hospital for a health check last month. The doctor said that all my parameters are not only very normal, but also the level of growth hormone is like a person in her twenties. I am already forty-two years old this year. The doctors were surprised. I would like to thank you in particular for your help in conditioning and I have attached the lab report as proof.


In addition, a recent photo of Wolfie is attached, he is now 16 months old. Just after a physical examination, his head circumference index is 100% among children of the same age, which means that his brain is developing very well. Wolfie is really smart, all thanks to the energy adjustment made by the teacher. 


United States 2010

Ms. Zhong’s blood test report:

Ms. Zhong, now 42 years old (2010), has indicators of her growth hormone like those in her twenties. (Growth hormone is the most important indicator of human youth). It is worth noting that Ms. Zhong accepted Mr. Li’s energy adjustment from 2008 to 2009, and this blood test report was done after one year of adjustment, proving that the long-lasting effect of energy adjustment.

Anti-aging clinical trials in 2012


Introduction to experiment design:

Experiment volunteers: Wilson, male, 53 years old, computer engineer


Health status: Good, disease-free, normal daily life, likes sports.


Purpose of the experiment: Use blood test data to confirm the efficacy of our “Emerging Astronomical Life Science Pioneering” technology to rejuvenate the active energy. Past empirical examples have been reported by many well-known Japanese TV stations, magazines, and relevant US media. It has long been confirmed the rejuvenation and optimization effect of the “Emerging Astronomical Life Science Pioneering” energy adjustment. This experiment is to fully confirm with various scientific test data, and pave the way for the comprehensive application of the latest cutting-edge technology in the future.


The blood test data is divided into two groups. One group is the evaluation and comparison of various blood test data of the volunteer subject before and after the experiment in collaboration with the anti-aging medical experts at the Life Extension Laboratory. The other group worked with Telome Health Inc. to analyze volunteers’ telomere length changes before and after the experiment. (Telome Health Inc. is a company co-founded by Elizabeth Blackburn. Elizabeth won the Nobel Prize in 2009 with two other biologists for her research on telomeres. Research on the relationship between telomere length and human health and youth and the probability of getting sick is a hot topic in modern medicine and biology).


Difficulty of experiment: Specially select those in good physical health as the standard object. His blood test data before the experiment showed that he was already in the “healthy” and “normal” range of his age group (this is a key and necessary benchmark, and the subject must not be sick), and the data after the experiment showed significant progress compared to before the experiment, demonstrating the increased vitality, a rejuvenation property of his systems and functions.


Duration of energy adjustment experiment: 65 days.

In general, sixty days is a cycle of cell renewal. If such an obvious effect is present in the first cycle, continuing with the second and third cycles, the effect will be improved several times (because after each cycle, the body’s function is already at a higher base level, with continuous adjustment, the effect will naturally be much higher than when the body function is at lower level).


Energy adjustment technology: “Emerging astronomical life science pioneers” use new era frontier technologies such as active nano, quantum and active biocomputers, and a comprehensive interdisciplinary application. Different from the traditional Chinese or western medicine treatment or recuperation, this technology can make human biological system change at the more microscopic and deeper foundation. Therefore, it is not only anti-aging and rejuvenating , but also optimizes the human body and human brain system. (Multiple examples can confirm this, please see Such an effect cannot be achieved by other methods. It is a major breakthrough in basic science of modern biotechnology and medicine, thus it is an emerging frontier science and technology.


Experiment results: Eleven major physiological indicators of rejuvenation from the volunteer showed a significant improvement in rejuvenation after sixty-five days of energy adjustment (the average improvement is as high as 25.4%, please see Appendix 1). This result is highly recognized by American anti-aging specialists, and they therefore see great potential in its future development (Appendix 2 is an analysis from the specialists). It means “Emerging Astronomical Life Science Pioneer”, a method of adjusting vital energy, can make extraordinary changes at the fundamental structural level of the human biological system. In addition, this cross-domain comprehensive scientific and technological method of active biocomputers and active nano and quantum technology has been applied in two scientific experiments to eliminate cancer cells at long distances (4200 kilometers away), which both eliminated tens of thousands of cancer cells down to zero, achieving a 100% success. A large number of multinucleated cells appeared in the experiment, showing that the cell structure had changed. (For more information on long-distance cancer cell experiments, please see



We all know that cells are the foundation that make up the various organs and systems of the human body. Multiple experiments have confirmed the emerging methods of “Emerging Astronomical Life Science Pioneer”, can repair, transform and renew the cell structure and energy of cells from more basic energy (system) structural level. Thus not only can the structure of the diseased body be transformed into the structure of the non-diseased body, but also solve the problem fundamentally, rejuvenate and optimize the human body system. This is similar to physics and chemistry, when the structure of basic materials such as intramolecular electrons is changed, the properties of matter is converted.

Because this method changes the body’s biological active system at the basic energy structural level, it is not limited to the regulation of the internal organs, meridians, etc., but to the overall repair and update of the structure and energy of the brain, nerves, meridians, lymph nodes, and even bone marrow cells. Therefore, it can promote the growth of stem cells, increase the ability of self-repair and recovery, and can also affect the deep microcirculation system, achieving repair and improvement effects that are beyond conventional medicine. There are many examples of working in reality. From helping a 26-week-old premature baby to various illnesses that can’t be treated by Chinese and Western medicine. There is also an 88-year-old lady who not only recovered from her illness, but also rejuvenated physically. She looked younger than she did in her seventies. She was even more creative in thinking . At the age of ninety-seven, she not only lives on her own, but also innovates in art, cuisine, desserts, and clothing. Her works are very popular, and her eyesight and hearing are just as good as her children. Her memory and logic are beyond her children. Her thought is clear and she often composes in her mind, which is astonishing.

The examples and scientific experimental results listed above cannot be achieved even using the most advanced technology in the world (stem cells, nanotechnology, biomedicine, quantum technology, etc…). This emerging technology, which can change the cell structure and the micro-infrastructure of an inorganic system such as an incubator, and can effectively inhibit the growth of leukemia cells, has not been heard in the world, thus demonstrating the extraordinary performance and great potential of this emerging technology.


Analysis by Dr. Rodney Gin

Rodney 医生针对实验前后验血值改变的分析:

(Rodney Gin 医生1996年获美国南加大医学博士。他的诊所位于加州硅谷,是一位研究抗衰老的专家医生)。

Interesting results. I think you are really on to something here, and future studies should probably be done to prove the theories. Below are some of the lab tests that I believe were relevant to your study.

这个(实验前后验血比对的)结果很有意思, 我认为你们找到一个真正值得研究的课题。而且未来的研究也许应该着重于理论的证明。下面是我对你们研究(抗衰老)有关的测试数据的分析。

  1. AST/ALT: significant reduction in these markers. These are measurements
    of liver damage and inflammation. The lower the number the better. A substantial decrease was shown. However, I should point out that physicians would say that the patient should have had a baseline established first and there should be some documentation that he was not drinking alcohol prior to the first lab test. (alcohol can potentially increase these values)

1.天门多胺酸转胺酵素/麸丙胺酸转胺酵素:這些数字显著的变小 (注:AST数值从23 降到了16,降低了30.4%, ALT数值从23 降到了8,降低了65.2%)這是測量肝功能損害和發炎的数字。数值越低越好。在這裡数据显示大幅下降。不過,我要指出的是一些医生可能說病人首先應該建立一個基線,和有文件說明他在第一次验血測試前沒有喝酒。 (因為酒精可能會增加這個数值)請看下列參與研究志願者的回答

Wilson’s (research volunteer)response:

I do not drink alcohol as a normal habit. I know for at least 3 months prior, I had not have any alcohol drinks. Also when I drink alcohol, I normally have half a glass of red wine. I cannot remember when was the last time I had it, I think it may have been about early February time frame.


我平常没有喝酒的习惯,而且我知道至少在研究开始的3个月前,我就没有喝过任何含酒精的饮料了。此外,当我喝酒时,我通常只喝半杯红葡萄酒的量。我不记得我最近一次喝酒是什么时候的事了,我想可能是在今年的二月初。 (注:验血是在5月31日)
2. triglycerides: were also lower. However, unless the individual was fasting prior to both blood draws, the result will be meaningless. If he was fasting at both blood draws, then the result is more significant.

2.甘油三酸酯:這根指數也變低了(注:数值从156 降到了106,降低了32.1%)不過除非研究志願者在抽取血液樣品前有禁食,否則結果將是毫无意义的。不過如果他在兩次抽取血液樣品前都有禁食,那麼結果代表的意义极为重要。注:在人体内高三酸甘油酯含量与动脉硬化有关,加上高血压会提高冠状动脉性心脏病中風的可能性)– 請看下列參與研究志愿者的回答
Wilson’s (research volunteer)response:

I had a 12 hour fast for both blood draws. I did not consume any food after 8 pm as the lab opens at 8 am. I only had plain water in the morning as I normally wake up at 6 am.


3. serum Iron also decreased. This is also interesting as Fe is now considered a marker for inflammation and a risk for heart disease. Some with high Fe levels have even been told to “donate blood” as a treatment. Diet however can affect serum Fe levels and obviously a more
vegetarian diet has lower Fe。

3.血清铁质也減少了(注:数值从142 降到了122,降低了14.1%)这个也很有意义,因為現在“铁”被認為是发炎和心脏疾病風險的指标。一些有高铁质的人,甚至被建议用“捐血”作為一种治疗手段。但是饮食可以影响血清铁质的水平,偏素食者的铁质明显的比较低– 請看下列參與研究志愿者的回答
Wilson’s (research volunteer)response:

I do not eat a lot of meat in my normal diet before and after this experiment. I eat mostly chicken and fish with lots of vegetables. Some pork and beef (the good low fat type) every other week or so. No skins and not too much deep fried food in my diet. Always tried to eat 70% to 80% full and about 5 meals a day to keep my blood sugar level balanced through out the day. During the experiment, I ate less red meat than normal, about 25% less. Food intake was actually more during my last two weeks of the experiment as my work place have free breakfast and lunch 😉 I ate a lot more egg whites, pork sausages, potato tarts ;-( , yogurt, salad, soup, drinks, etc.. However, I did not see any weight gain as I normally use the stairs to the 4th floor office at least 4 times a day. I think I did pretty well despite having more food. I will tone down more on the food intake or increase my exercise level.



  1. TSH : both levels are in the “good” range. 0.3-3 is generally considered what you want. Lower is typically better for “anti-aging” purposes as long as you don’t go below 0.3. It means more thyroid hormone is circulating. Free T3 went up which is a good thing as well. Still, skeptics would want a stronger baseline, but numbers are all going the correct direction.
    4.甲状腺激素:這兩次的数据都在“好”的范围。從 0.3-3被普遍認為是理想的数字。只要你不低於0.3,通常数值越低是代表“抗衰老性”越好(注:数值从1.57 降到了1.17,降低了25.5%)数字越低意味著更多的甲狀腺激素循環。游離T3上升了 (注:数值从3.3 升到了3.7,上升了12.1%)這是一件好事。虽然懷疑論者可能會希望有更多的基線作为参考,但你们的实验显示所有的數值都走向進步的方向
    5. Testosterone: Here the numbers are all going the right direction which is up. It would be interesting to hear a personal account of the patient’s libido and if it improved after course of treatment.


Wilson’s (research volunteer)response:

Yes! I have increased libido during this experiment period and continuing still 😉 With meditation and Qi Gong practices, I am able to control much better than before. I estimated that my drive and desire during this time had doubled. My actual physical contacts had increased about 150% and were seemingly much more accommodating with my wife which was not generally the case previously.


  1. IGF BP3: This went up a little. IGF BP3 is somewhat a marker for growth hormone.

6.IGF BP3:這個數據增加了些 (注:数值从4 升到了5,增加了25% IGF BP3生長激素的一個指標

7. IGF1: This also increased and is another marker for growth hormone.
7. IGF1:這個數據也增加了 (注:数值从192 升到了209,增加了8.9%)同樣的,這也是生長激素的另一個值標(注:医学早已确认生长激素的制造与年龄相关,在接近20歲時,生長激素的制造達到高峰,21歲之後生長激素逐年減少,因此生长激素是人体年轻化的很重要的指标)


  1. IL-6: This is a cytokine and generally increases with age and age related diseases. Lower levels of IL-6 have been reported with reduced caloric intake. This number also decreased in your study. There have been numerous studies showing decreased caloric intake extends life.
    As IL-6 is lower with reduced caloric intake, people theorize that reducing IL-6 can extend one’s life. So, it is a good marker to follow and it went in the right direction.


Wilson’s (research volunteer)response:This number may have been improved if it wasn’t for the work place free food 😉 The last 2 weeks before the test, my caloric intake have definitely increase by at least 25%. I am glad my IL-6 still was in the right direction.

Overall it appears that the lab values were all headed in the right direction to demonstrate evidence of anti-aging benefits of Master Li’s experiment. Further studies would be recommended with more baseline labs,more follow up tests and may try on different fields.

Rodney Gin, M.D.



This analysis by Dr. Rodney, an anti-aging medical specialist, is based on blood test report ​​before and after energy adjustments made by the Life Extension Lab. Dr. Rodney has selected 11 indicators that are most representative and can best show whether the body function is rejuvenated. The average improvement (rejuvenation) of the experiment’s volunteer subject after receiving the energy adjustment was 25.4%. This major result shocked the specialist! In order to help everyone fully understand the meaning of the data, we have added a comment in parentheses without affecting the original text.


In order to gain a deeper understanding and verification of the “Emerging Astronomical Life Science Pioneer” “Cross-field Human and Celestial Frontier Emerging Technology” from various aspects, we also worked with a team of experts from Telome Health Inc a laboratory  cofounded by one of the three Nobel Prize winners in biology for their research on telomeres and rejuvenation in 2009, Elizabeth Blackburn to conduct scientific experiments on telomere structure. It took only 65 days, and the telomere system of the cells changed greatly, it was hard for them to explain using conventional scientific knowledge, they were confused and felt embarrassed. Combining with our experiments with Dr. John Neely, an authoritative cancer expert at the Pennsylvania State University School of Medicine, the cell structure has undergone extraordinary and unimaginable changes. In particular, the microscopic basic structure of the “inorganic”- non-biological incubators-have also undergone amazing huge changes – an ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. The “Emerging Astronomical Life Science Pioneers” also significantly changed the frequency and tone of the “chimes” of the Chinese musical instruments of master Jin Haiou. These comprehensive results provide us with the possibility to further explore the benign scientific and technological transformation of DNA and the more primitive micro-level energy and structure inside DNA. (In fact, we have already proposed this aspect before collaborating with these medical experts and scientists in the experiments, but unfortunately they do not have such technical equipment).


Such improvements can, like “nanotechnology”, improve the microstructure of an object and optimize its characteristics. In this sense, I call it “active (bio) nanotechnology”. This “active (biological) nanotechnology”, together with our active quantum technology (which includes successful Osteosarcoma and leukemia cell experiments), can also be applied to the human body, can optimize human body, especially the human brain. In reality, we have had gratifying results – we have clearly confirmed the effect in elderly people up to 97 years old, children as young as two or three years old, and three or four years old. This emerging technology can make an elderly person in her 90s not only younger than when she was 70, but more importantly, her memory is better than her children. Her mind constantly comes up with wonderful ideas, creating works that are entirely unexpected and everyone likes. If the human body of each of us is scientifically optimized, and everyone continues to produce more innovations in work and life, this is actually “the evolution of the scientific civilization of human system engineering.” In the evolution of this scientific civilization, especially for scientific invention and creation, more scientists will be generated, even the “great scientific giants” and the custodians of society with high intelligence. As a result, human society will inevitably push onto the track of the scientific cultural evolution, and human body, human science, and human society will enter the “Era of Real Civilization and Emerging Technology” .


About rejuvenation, health and longevity, and optimization of the human body


Why do we say that it is a cross-field comprehensive frontier future technology including active nano, quantum level and active biocomputer technology?

  1. Our scientific experiments in collaboration with the Pennsylvania State University School of Medicine have clearly identified a large number of changes in “cell structure”. Cell pictures from the team of medical authoritative experts are as follows.

pic1: Cells in the control group are the normal cells with single nucleus

pic2: Many cells in the experiment group have multiple nuclei

2.Not only do we have the success of scientific experiments, but also in the doctor’s report of successful experiments, it is mentioned that even the “inorganic” incubator also obtained special characteristics of a “energy instrument” to inhibit the growth of cancer cells under the influence of our emerging technology. Please refer to the data graph published by Dr. John Neely, a cancer specialist, one of our experiment partners.

3. We have also used this kind of technology to change the “energy system” of the chimes “metal casting” by the famous Chinese musical instrument expert “Jin HaiOu”, which has caused obvious changes in its frequency and tones.

The above achievements can only be obtained by science and technology at the nanometer and quantum levels, and it is in line with the basic principles of nanotechnology and quantum technology.


Why can’t modern nano and quantum technology achieve the above results? Because these experts do not understand “active energy (biological) computers” type and the broader field of basic technologies. They have not found “instruments” that can truly control the transformation of active energy systems at the quantum level. Because it is not recognized by modern science and technology, the achievements are beyond the existing frontier technology, hence we call it  “futuristic” cutting-edge technology!

From the above results of our medical and scientific experiments, and the analysis of the test data, emerged phenomenon of objective changes and real values by medical experts, it seems that we repeatedly achieved (often successful on the first time), regardless of depth, breadth, and integrity, under the inspection of real experiment equipment, generated results that defined medical conventions. More importantly, no one in the same field at present has produced reliable scientific data at this level. Not to mention produce similar level data in such a short period. This fully illustrates the cutting-edge aspect of the comprehensive cross-border and cross-domains “active biological computer instruments, active nanometers, active quantum” technology originated by us. It is currently ranked first in the world (because when we collaborate with cancer medical experts in experiments, we are 4,200 kilometers away, the other party does not need to tell us the location of the experiment), such effects are not obtainable with current technologies!! It is precisely because we have unparalleled cutting-edge emerging technology that we can have unparalleled cutting-edge major achievements. Therefore, no matter how much money people spend, they will not get our cutting-edge technological achievements. Everyone knows that youth is the foundation of career and livelihood of the world-famous singers, actors, and models. The world’s elite rich all want to “rejuvenate” to enjoy life and career. However, did any celebrity you know achieve the same effect as we did using our technology? Do you know how much these people spend each year on health care, conditioning, cosmetics and various exercise methods? However, they cannot get 10 years 20 years younger! Although the amount they spend is much higher than that of our guests, our guests can achieve “rejuvenation” – to restore 10 years, 20 years of their youth. And it is not limited to the rejuvenation of the body. Corresponding effects will also be produced in terms of wisdom, productivity, innovation and creativity, all you need to do is to recognize the value of your own life!

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