Breast cancer patient


August 2014

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In late August 2014, Master Jixing Li accepted a request from a breast cancer patient living in Georgia, USA, to treat her over a long distance (Master Li was in Beijing, China at the other side of the world from the patient) by transmitting energy to treat a malignant tumor about 1.5 inches in diameter on her right breast. After just over a month, her tumor completely disappeared. The following is the patient’s appreciation testimony for reference:
My dearest Master Li,

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude regarding your miraculous healing work.

Please allow me to put the events of the last ten weeks in chronological order. On August 6th I went to an urgent care facility with sharp breast pain. On August 7th, I went to see Dr. Rosa Langella, a breast specialist in Jasper, Georgia for this abnormality. She saw tissue that concerned her and a biopsy was performed. On August 12th she confirmed to me that I had invasive lobular cancer. Dr. Langella found a tumor 1 1/2 inches in diameter in my right breast. I was devastated.

She recommended anti-hormonal pills to shrink the tumor. During that week I had an MRI, a mammogram and a cat scan. The medicine made me very sick. I could not eat or sleep. After a week, I stopped taking the anti-hormonal medicine.

I had met Master Li years ago at a qigong conference and my back pain was healed right before my eyes. Later that year, I was experiencing pelvic pain, my daughter-in-law suffered from lupus and my grandson was legally blind. I decided to call on him again. In short order we all received miraculous healing.

Considering my new dilemma, I reached out once again to Master Li. He agreed to take on the case. The date was August 27th. Within days, perhaps hours my spirit was lifted, my appetite returned and the pain was gone. This improvement continued over the following weeks. Under Master Li’s direction and supervision, I refrained from eating meat, fish and diary. I ate mostly organic vegetables, fruits and whole grains. In addition to the diet, I began deep breathing meditation for two hours each morning. I started an intense supplemental nutritional program under his watchful eye.

This past Friday, October 18th I again saw Dr. Langella as a follow up. To her amazement she could find no trace of the tumor. Even with the use of an ultrasound machine there was no indication of the original abnormality.

I hope to share Master Li’s healing energy work with others in the future. I will always be eternally grateful to him.

Many Blessings,
During this period, Master Li still had a busy schedule and couldn’t invest more time, but the effect was already amazing. This is because Master Li was able to utilize nature’s high-performance active energy system to successfully help this lady who supports environmental protection. Having such obvious results on an 1.5-inch-sized malignant tumor in such a short period of time, if a large amount of time can be invested, this latest biotechnology of Master Jixing Li can be used on any difficult diseases, and even rejuvenation. For people who support environmental protection, we believe that it can achieve very good results.

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