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This is the “Rhythm of Life” produced in collaboration with Mr. Larry Seyer, who won a Grammy Award nine times, the highest international award in the music industry, and the lecturer of the “Miracle Course”. Why do we say it is the “Rhyme of Life”? By comparing to the information intercepted from space by the US space station, we will find that it is very close to the “Rhythm of Life” that we created, and hence we understand that the “Rhythm of Life” we created is the transmission of information energy systems from the derived source in deep space. Why will become clearer after we review the methods and principles behind the production of the “Rhythm of Life”. Our “Rhythm of Life” was produced and distributed more than two years before the information was intercepted by the space agency, the space station is a recent development. This is further proof that we can really connect to the active energy system of the derived source in the vast universe.
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Recording Intercepted From Space

What’s more important is that the Grammy winner and I met by chance and decided to collaborate without knowing his background such as his mastery in music. In accordance with our design, we have applied our frontier technology, which is also a cross-border, cross-domain, cross time-space, a comprehensive “celestial and human science and technology” to transform and elevate the information receiving system in his brain. Then I transmitted the information of the derived source in the vast universe into the receiving system of his brain to produce this piece. After that, the musician said that for decades, it is the first time he felt the rhythm of such level of lively active energy.

The Rhyme of Life – Album 1 (Conception) Trial

All of the above facts show that our technology is a high-tech cutting-edge technology, not only cross-border and cross-domain, but also a cross time-space frontier technology with the promise of a “new era”. This “Rhythm of Life” also helped people to gain a new life when they were beyond help of medical science.

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