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Date: 1997

Name: Ms. Akita

Age: 55

After 26 hours of energy-adjusting treatment in 3 months, her appearance and physical fitness are similar to her in her 30s.

Date: 1992

An exclusive interview with Japan’s “Housewives and Life” magazine and TOKYO TV station.

A nearly 40-year-old model on the show showed obvious results after about 50 minutes of energy adjustment treatment.

Date: 2007

Name Ms. Zhong

Age: 41

After 9 hours of energy adjustment treatment in 2 months, she looks like she was only in her 20s.


Photographed in 1991


Photographed in 2008

Name: Ms. Jian

Age: 88

After about 70 hours of recuperation a year, she recovered, her hair grew darker, and she looks younger than when she was 70.