Why do we believe it is the technology that creates elevated life?

Why is this the beginning of a new era?

The results we have obtained, verified by scientific study and empirical evidence, are unprecedented in human history!

These achievements confirm that our cross-border, cross-domain, and cross time-space ``frontier emerging technology`` is the technology from the source of the creation of science. It is the technology that propels transformations of species and human natural science and civilization. It is the technology that improves the quality of human life in all aspects. It is the technology that transforms the version 1.0 human brain into version 2.0, version 3.0. It is the technology that achieves human healthy longevity and ``younger`` life, attain great wisdom and ``high intelligence``. It is the technology that is life-changing and enhances human life! These endless high-intelligence creativity combined with high-quality wealth are sufficient to satisfy the human desires. It is the very foundation for humanity to enter a new era.

The details of science and technology that will propel humanity into the ``new era`` will be presented in a scientifically rigorous and more comprehensive analysis in a book that will soon be published.

The scientific achievements and the technology highly demonstrate the caliber of the lecturer and the curriculum. In the absence of scientific achievements and without a lecturer with certified achievements from credible professional institutes, the value of the course and its effectiveness should be questioned. .

What is the purpose of life and human activities?

It is to achieve health and longevity with more imagination and creativity, and to enjoy a high-quality life fuller and longer, including materialistically also be higher quality. This is more than the current organic movement, we can use our technology to create high-quality species that are transformed by natural technology. (This is better than taking seeds into space, because the energy environment in space is not as suitable for humans as our nature on earth. And more importantly, the body of the person back from space is damaged. Unlike the person who uses our frontier technology, they can be healthy, young and beautiful, more intelligent, etc.) This was confirmed by our optimized lemon, tomato and our human subjects: an optimized child and 98-year-old Ms. Gao Ling. The optimized varieties which has been improved by natural technology, will have greater effects on human body. Not only health and longevity, but also younger.

Key Scientific Achievements

Our world's leading key scientific and technological achievements are described in detail below, as well as the demonstration and reasoning of this technology.

Meet the Team

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Since childhood, Li enjoyed Chinese traditional culture and has studied with many internationally renowned representatives of Chinese science and culture. Incorporating the strengths of each fields over the years, he has been persistent in practicing the scientific and technological transformation of the human body for more than ten hours a day. Li has also been exchanging ideas with world-renowned scientists to bring together the ancient traditional scientific culture and the latest scientific achievements, such as nanotechnology and theoretical characteristics of quantum mechanics. The combination of ideas has created the new “The Theory of Multi-Dimensional Unified Universal Energy”.




Jixing Li

Founder of The Theory of Multi-Dimensional Unified Universal Energy