Course Introduction

Welcome everyone to our big family!

Our emerging technology not only includes traditional methods, traditional Chinese medicine and related scientific technologies, but more importantly, we have added the emerging scientific and technological theory of the human active biocomputer macro system that we pioneered.

In dealing with physical problems, we have used the method of large comprehensive system theory and active energy field theory. For some systems that are difficult for Chinese and Western medicine to affect, we have used the scientific and technological methods of active biocomputer frequency docking adjustment, and technologies such as active nanometer and active quantum, as well as the comprehensive application method of the cross-border and cross-domain application of the interrelation, interaction and interaction between active energies. In practice and scientific experiments, it has achieved transcendental success and solved the problems that modern medicine has not solved.

One of the more important scientific and technological theories is that we treat every active energy (system), including the sick body, as an active (biological) computer. We use the docking technology of active biocomputers, including the docking of frequencies and the docking of integrated energy fields, and the scientific and technological methods of the integrated operation of active biocomputers and active energy computer macro system clusters. This makes changes in the deep micro and ultramicro fundamental structures of the “sick body” so that its original system no longer exists, as our scientific experiments have confirmed.

In the words of Mr. Shi Yigong, foreign associate of the US National Academy of Sciences, ultramicro determines the micro world, and micro determines the three-dimensional world. This is the base where our science and technology are highly efficient. Therefore, we are not using medical methods, but cutting-edge high-end scientific methods, which cannot only solve the problems of the human body system, but also improve the function of the human body system.

In the course, we will teach in three steps: 1. Effective traditional methods. 2. Embed our new technology and highly efficient methods into the traditional methods. 3. The use of emerging technology methods of integrated operation of the biological computer cluster macro system. Everyone is welcome to learn and compare.

The purpose of the course is to enable all human beings to have a real enhancement of the life system and great wisdom, so that human beings can achieve healthy longevity and rejuvenation, generate creativity beyond the existing brain, and fundamentally solve the problem of poverty and backwardness.

Our revenue is fully used for the research and development of these emerging technologies, and the ecological and environmental protection to resolve the extreme crisis. Our foundation (The Universal Energy Foundation, a non-profit tax-exempt agency approved by the US Federal Revenue Agency, ID 20-5350021) has planted more than 30,000 trees. With our leadership, more trees have been planted! According to the standard that 50 large trees can balance a person’s carbon emissions in one year, we must continue to work hard to plant more and more trees, so that humanity can get out of the ecological disaster countdown. We hope everyone will do their part for their own living environment. We partnered with to plant 30,000 trees. Attached is their thank you letter and receipt.

Everyone can see the credibility of the information on our platform, the high level of scientific experiments and practice achievements, and whether our team of scientists is unique in the world. Everyone can verify it. The level of our top scientific and technological achievements and the level of the scientific and technological team demonstrate that the level of our courses is real. From the price point of view, it can also be said that it is the most cost-effective.

Everyone should know that if it involves medical fraud in the United States, it will definitely be subject to strict accountability and strict punishment both medically and legally. This information has been posted on our foundation’s website for more than ten years without encountering any questions and allegations, which can confirm the credibility of the materials on our platform.

At present, we are spending some time in our busy schedule to organize and edit courses. We will gradually put some courses on the platform in the next one or two months. Before that, we hope that everyone eagerly learns and applies this technology method that we have put on the public course, which will have great benefits! Regardless of whether you are sick or not, we make a great technological transformation and improvement of the system, especially the micro-infrastructure system. It is not very easy to apply it well in two to three months. Although it can produce good results, the actual effect of this technology will be better than your imagination!

The promotion of our courses is the promotion of new science and environmental protection, so we must establish a reward system for this. Our reward is calculated in two levels: the first level rewards 30%, the second level rewards 10%, and the total is more than 40%. (At present, money transfer from the United States to a foreign country requires a $50 processing fee each time, which is deducted from the bonus. In order to reduce everyone’s cost, we will issue bonuses on a quarterly basis. You can view your bonus in the system).

Those who do not attend the class can also get rewards. Therefore, anyone participating in environmental protection and human improvement activities can get good returns without investment and without risk, which is also a blessing. A class is a method of small investment, big return and using one’s experience to advise others. This is more convincing, easier for you to promote, and more convenient for you to have better returns.

Anyone who hopes to benefit from this, please share their experience on how they have benefited on the information exchange platform of our website.


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