Science of the Grand Universse

The “Science of the Grand Universe” refers to the study of the universe’s scientific origins and derivative nature. It is an exploration of the universe’s “original and evolving essence” at its most profound level. Our aim is to deeply, comprehensively, objectively, and scientifically understand the living energy system of the grand universe from its primal origin. This includes its nature, characteristics, systemic functions, and intelligence. We delve into the scientific principles, laws, and life science theorems of a complete, transcendental, multi-dimensional time-space system – a realm that extends far beyond our current human understanding.

This endeavor also demands a clear human comprehension of our essence, position, situation, and our deep connection with the maternal scientific source system of the Grand Universe. By understanding and adhering to the scientific laws of this system, we can objectively and scientifically guide our behavior. This is essential to overcome the suffering, disasters, and societal and ecological crises that arise from a lack of this profound scientific knowledge. This approach is the only scientific method with “controlling and fundamental” characteristics capable of solving human problems and eradicating their root causes.

More than that, if we embrace the information system of the Grand Universe Science System, understanding its “transcendent, magical, and mysterious” nature, and strictly follow its unignorable scientific rules, laws, and theorems, we can harness the immense creative power of the Grand Universe. This “multidimensional space-time high intelligence living computer cluster mega-system” transcends both science fiction and religion. By tapping into this power, we can naturally and scientifically elevate the human body system, leading to extraordinary scientific creation and invention. This will be driven by emerging high-level technologies, propelling society towards a scientific and civilized evolution.

This is not mere fantasy; it’s real, feasible, reliable, effective, demonstrable, and replicable. It stands in stark contrast to the so-called “illusory magic” that lacks a scientific basis. The creator’s magic within this great scientific system can significantly enhance the human body’s life system, fostering a scientific and civilized evolution.

I have personally transformed my system’s structure, function, performance, intelligence, and more using the supreme and sacred technology of this scientific creation system. As a result, I’ve achieved numerous unprecedented, significant advancements in science and technology. These achievements, along with future advancements, can hasten the scientific and civilized evolution of human society. All of this is accomplished within the scientific creation source system, accompanied by wondrous joy and high-level genuine pleasure. This magical technological system of the grand universe will endow people with abundant new discoveries and creativity, which can continuously be enhanced. In this process, one feels a deep and ongoing integration with the “Living Energy System of the grand universe’s science creation and derivation source.” As your creativity continually elevates, you’ll come to a realization – could this be…? What could it be? This is genuinely getting closer to the “Divine Science” of God!

Transitioning from the Current Era
to New Emerging Epochs

The Grand Universe is A Scientific System and Constitutes the Fundamental Basis of Science.

A Comprehensive, Integrated, Interdisciplinary “Scientific Management System”

Human System Scientific and Civilized Evolution Engineering